Friday, January 14, 2011

Hard times

Well well well. I haven't been on here in a while, but finally had the chance. Will broke his arm on Wed. He fell off the kitchen counter! I'm not sure what happened actually, as I was with baby sister. Of course I got the honors of catching grief that I "should have been paying more attention" and that I "shouldn't leave him in the kitchen by himself" on and on and on. I'm over it. I can't be super mom and be 2 places at once. So anywho, off to the wonderful hospital we call "Angel Med Center". Took them 45 min to see Will as his arm is hanging like a broken limb from a tree. They get in no hurry, I can tell you that. They finally take him back. Ask him what his pain level is from a 1 to 10. Are we serious? He can't even tell you his name for Christ's sake. Then asked him to point at a chart with little faces on it to tell them which one best suits him. I said he's a 7, and it's that face right there. Just take an xray and get on please!!

We then get shoved into a very unexciting room for an hour and a half. Will is throbbing in pain, running around, is so  very hungry as he hasn't eaten lunch and it is now 2 p.m. I make Jim wake up from his dozing in the chair, and go ask if they forgot about us, or what was going on, and if Will can eat something. The nurse very rudly says "the dr has to read the xray first". Another hour passes by. I am livid at this point. Give me the fucking xray, and I will read it myself. A break is a break!! Needless to say, he comes in and tells us it's a greenstick break. But we will have to go see the orthopedic b/c he wants to set it a little. So finally we get out of this torturous hospital. Go to the wonderful orthopedic. I really liked him, not personally, but doctor wise, he is great. He tries to set Will's arm a little, which completely broke my heart. He put the cast on, and before it got hard, he squeezed on Will's forearm to try and "set" the bone back into place. He then finished putting on the cast, and took another xray to see how the bone set. Well, he only got it about 20% set, which isn't too good. We had 3 options: #1 leave it alone, leave it in the current cast, come back in a week and see how the bone is healing #2 take a saw to the cast (which would totally scar Will for life) try re-setting it, which there was a greater possibility of making it worse, causing us to have surgery. #3 Knock Will out, scar him for life trying to get an IV in his arm to put him out to and try and set the bone, which more than likely wouldn't do well, and make it worse, and have to have surgery anyway. So we went with option #1.

He is in a carolina blue cast. He freaked out for about 2 hrs of having it on. He barely can wear gloves. No wrist watch, bracelets, ect can he wear b/c he just doesn't like stuff on his hands. So now he has a permanent thing on him, and he is begging anyone and everyone to take it off. I then had to catch shit off others about choosing this certain doctor b/c they don't like his people skills, but say he the best orthopedic in Franklin. I don't give a rats ass if he gets personal with me. I could hosestly care less!!! I just want my sons arm fixed, and fixed right! And this doctor told me all my options, and the honest truth about them. That's exactly what I want. So we are in a cast for 4 weeks, get another xray in 1 week to see how the bone is healing. Please pray that it heals well!