Friday, February 4, 2011

Will's new quirks

Well, I am finally getting used to the screaming and yelling in a way....People don't quite understand the symptoms of autism. His new thing is yelling if someone "spills" something on tv, knocks something over, or makes a mess on a cartoon or something. I have started to record him just incase I get that person who wonders what he does, or says, "oh, he doesn't have autism". I beg to differ. You ask him a question like, "Will, do you need to go potty", or "Will, are you hungry", and you get nothing but a piercing screaming fit. I just prepare myself to plug my ears after you, or someone else asks him a question.

We now have to open all the cabinet doors, which is a new thing for him. He used to freak out if one wasn't quite shut all the way. He likes to be very clean. Washes his hands frequently, smells his clothes, my clothes, ect. He has to have the fans ON, if not, all you hear ALL DAY is crying and pointing at the fan. He still cannot talk very well, which can be highly aggravating at times. He grunts more than anything, and has a severe meltdown if things don't go the right way. He also has started smacking himself in the face when he gets really upset. One thing he does really well at lately is taking commands. For example: Go get your shoes, coat, blanky, lunch bag, ect. He knows what you mean by these questions. But if you ask him, what is hurting, how do you feel, how old are you, ect. he has no idea how to respond.

He also found a new "spot" in my vehicle that he wants to sit. It's the 3rd row seat. He wants to sit back there everytime now, which isn't the easiest to get him in and out, but whatever makes him happy, and not yell as much, I am game! People give me the weirdest looks at school, grocery store, ect b/c I open up the back, and just pull him out from the back instead of having to climb back there from the 2nd row. When he used to sit in the 2nd row, we would pass people or what not, and he would scream so loud bc the person looked his way or something, causing me to almost lose control it would make my nerves jump! By sitting in the back, he can just watch everything, and be in his own environment. He has been obsessed with "Imagination Movers" lately. He will throw fits until you put the movie on. But today, I am sitting here listening to a melt-down bc it's not on. I just can't handle that movie again today. Sorry!! His cast is now starting to smell just a little. Nothing major, it's just if you put your nose right on it, it smells a little sweaty. So he's freaking about that too. Thank goodness he is supposed to get it off next week! We are still working on the eating with utensils thing. He's getting a bit better, but I'm still having to help feed him, which can be very challenging as I am feeding his sister too! He is still working on the whole pottying thing. He pees but no poops still. He pooped last Sunday at dads for the first time. But hasn't done it since.

I am really looking forward to Jim and I's weekend away! Well, just Saturday night, but I'll take it. It's so hard to get someone to watch the kids these days. I think it is critical that Jim and I have some quality time together as Will's behavior can sometimes put a strain on our marriage. Honestly, some days I can admit myself into Broten (nuthouse) due to listening to 24/7 screaming, grunting, and crying. I've had people ask "how do you do it", or "you have your hands full". I just take it one day at a time. I have learned to deal with it, and to also not do the things that trigger his melt-downs. I am in the process of looking for a support group for autism. I think it would really help me figure out other ideas on how to deal with this.