Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am sitting here wide awake, chowing down on saltine crackers hoping this will help this horible heartburn. It's not the kind that slides up and down your throat, it's the kind that just sits right in your throat/chest, and burns the ever living shit out of your throat. I have taken heartburn med, tums, milk, saltines, and nothing is working. I am dead tired because today was such a busy day.  I sold probably 8 gift certificates, had 3 massages, and babysat my children in between. Then I finished up my Christmas shopping tonight.

My son also enjoyed putting Jim and I on a wild goose chase tonight. I went to take my meds, and my zoloft is missing!! WTF?!  Will is bad to take our meds, and walk around and shake them and put them in different spots. Well, we usually can find them right away, but not tonight!! We looked high and low for 2 hours! I was IRATE!  Of course Will decides to play with MY pill bottle, and of course it's all Jim's fault because I was out shopping when the dissapearance happened.  I had to have them. If I don't take my zoloft, uh lets just say all hell will break loose! We even woke both kids up searching through their toyboxes and such. FINALLY! Jim found the bottle! It was chuncked on top of the fridge! Now who would have thought to look up there? Little ole' short Jim.  A wonderful way of spending an evening. Looking for damn pills!

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  1. I had to take Prilosec for my heartburn, they have an over the counter that is the exact same medicine that requires a prescription, it's Zegerid. Take it everyday will work wonders, and I should know for I had it BAD!