Monday, December 6, 2010


Well it's that time of year where someone in my household seems to be ill. I started the nasty bug, which I caught from my lovely sister whome brought it to Thanksgiving and shared it. Then my poor Will got it about 4 days later, then Kaylee a couple days after him, and now my poor Jim has it. He has been laying in the bed for 2 days now.  This is something new to me as I have NEVER seen this man lay in a bed for days. It first started out with a terrible headache, then leads to vomiting and diahrea, and then terrible body aches. It's like this virus attacks your muscles too. I felt absolutely miserable when I had it. It took all I could do to make it up to the couch and collapse. Will's of course occured during the night, so we were up all night dealing with that.

I am very excited because Will's 1st program is tonight at his daycare. They are supposed to be singing. Jim says he is going to go, but I am seriously doubting that. He just doesn't want to miss it for the world. So please keep us all in your thoughts as these past days have been trialing to say the least. I have had the kids all to myself, having to take care of them all alone. Then I am always worrying about Jim, and if he needs anything, and if he is going to be ok?


  1. Hehehehe...I'm the first poster and follower!!! Welcome to the world of blogging my friend! I have one also if you feel like visiting. Just click on my pic! Give the family my love!

  2. Oh wonderful Col!! I miss you! Hope all is well with you.